Big Design Ideas for the Little Bathrooms

If you’ve ever been envious of the high-end bathrooms that are featured in your favorite home decor magazines, you’re definitely not alone. If the scale of your bathroom leaves something to be desired, then you can feel the loss of what to do. The following design ideas seem big by nature, but they can turn your little bathroom into a spacious space.

Older homes tend to suffer from smaller toilets, which measure about 5 feet by 8 feet. To counter the impending fear of claustrophobia, scale down some of the things in your bathroom. Start by choosing a pedestal sink instead of one that comes with a long counter space and cabinets that can constrain you. Use light colored tiles and paint to create a sense of space as darker colors will make your bathroom look even more crowded.

Use an Asian-inspired design in your bathroom to play with light and dark colors. A powder room vanity with a Japanese feel will allow you to combine modern elements with old world designs. In the meantime, an all-brown style will make your bath feel extra crowded, mix chocolate and deep brown with white and beige colours.

Make the most of all the room in your bath, but don’t make it feel too crowded. Incorporate vanity lighting and light wall colors to create a greater sense of space. Use light oak finish furniture when required to extend your bath and use storage wisely.

If you want a more modern look to your room, using horizontal tiled lines to create an illusion of more space and to pair it with a frameless mirror. Using ceiling and wall vanity lighting to compliment your space and effortlessly direct your eyes around the bathroom. Last but not least, add a waterproof shower and pair it with a small toilet to create a greater appeal and a comfortable feel.

Take advantage of the shape of your bathroom by selecting a tiny but powerful vanity. Use a dark colored vanity for light walls and a white vanity for dark walls. Maximize the storage space by purchasing a vanity that has drawers underneath the sink to conceal your accessories.

If you have too much wall space, but nothing to cover, choose a Zen type of decoration using a long horizontal mirror. It can help you stretch out the wall space and create the illusion of a much larger room. In this case, choose a dark colored mirror with a thick rim.

Paint isn’t always the best way to make a small space feel larger. Use white marble tiles and frameless mirrors to work together to create a sense of space. Instead of installing a bathtub, add a glass door shower and combine it with a floor-to-ceiling cabinet system.

There’s no reason why a little bath can’t be fashionable or luxurious. Many people feel the need to enlarge their bathrooms at extra cost, but they don’t really need it. Use your bathroom space in the right way and use light and dark colors to confuse your eyes.

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