3 Home Improvement Ventures that Could Bring Considerable Equity to the House

Typically, a do – it-yourself homeowner is constantly looking for home improvement projects that can add significant value to the home. Many of the projects are small enough not to break the bank or over-extend their budget, but to provide additional home equity once the project has been completed.

Many homeowners will limit their budget to around $5000 for any type of major house remodeling project. While not a substantial sum, there are many things that can be done to enhance the beauty of the home, add to its functionality, or replace much-needed equipment.

  1. Installing a Wooden Fence

It’s easy to add a wooden fence around the outside of the property for less than $5000. This form of fence will add significant value to existing landscaping in the home. These can also provide protection to the backyard, or can be used as a dog enclosure. In fact, the construction of a wooden fence as a home improvement project adds an additional layer of security to the house.

Installing a wooden fence will easily fit the budget of most homeowners. These can be mounted as a small picket fence, or paneling that has been pre-assembled, requiring only the upright post and some heavy lifting.

2. Replacement of the Heat Pump

Heat pump air conditioning systems are planned to last only between 10 and 12 years, with proper maintenance every year. As the house continues to age, many homeowners are faced with the fact that their home improvement project will be nothing more than the replacement of the original heat pump air conditioning system. A professional air conditioning company will remove the indoor air handler and the outdoor condenser for less than $5000 and have the home heated and cooled properly for decades to come.

The newly installed heat pump air conditioning system is more cost-effective because it can make the house more energy efficient. It can greatly reduce the amount of energy consumed by keeping the heat or cooling down all year round.

3. Painting the Outside of the House

One of the most popular home improvement projects for the do – it-yourselfer is painting the outside of their house. Many times, the siding may become sun-bleached, and the color may be washed out. A new coat of paint will easily be put on a fresh sheen on the outside of the home.

High-quality paint for the home’s exterior along with all the supplies needed can usually be purchased for less than $3000, which is significantly lower than budget. It can protect the sides of the home for decades, particularly when properly applied. Depending on the type of siding mounted on the home, whether it is fiber-cement, vinyl or stucco, a fresh coat of exterior paint can provide a high level of protection.

There are major ways to add extra value to home equity. Through selecting the right types of home improvement projects, any homeowner may increase the value of the home while improving its appearance or functionality.

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